CheckFreeScore Review

CheckFreeScore is a credit monitoring online company that provides easy and smooth navigation of your credit report. The company provides exceptional credit reporting and credit reporting features at a considerable cost. With the company’s service, you are sure of access to all your credit scores and reports as well as constant credit monitoring services which ensures that you are up to speed with the status of your credit. The website has put in place outstanding privacy and security policies that protect its clients’ credit report details and financial information. They protect you against identity theft.

CheckFreeScore offers you intuitive information on your credit status while providing procedures and policies that assures you of your identity or credit information security.


Sign Up process and pricing

The registration process on this website is simple easy and fast even though it involves a series of steps. Clicking the ‘Get Started’ option on the homepage will redirect to a new page that will prompt you to key in your personal details and records. You will be asked to fill in your name, phone number and both email and physical addresses. After the completion of the first stage, you will be prompted to key in additional information that includes payment platforms and options.

CheckFreeScore offers you with a free 7 day trial period with their services. The free trial allows you access to your credit report and credit scores. This feature is essential as it allows you to terminate the services if you end up not liking them.

Upon completion of the 7 day free trial, clients are at will to continue using the company’s services by subscribing to the monthly payment plan. You can opt out before the end of the trial period. If you don’t cancel or opt out of the service during the 7 day trial period, the monthly subscription fee will automatically be deducted from your account. The service is priced at $39.95 per month.

Features and performance

CheckFreeScore offers its clients with all the reports from the three bureaus. It gets your credit information from Transunion, Equifax and Experian and makes it available to you. This enables you to comparatively have a properly informed picture of your credit score. It also enables you to countercheck and detect fraud and wrong records.

The website has a score tracker that enables you to keep progress of your score. In case of any changes to your score, the company alerts you via email.

The company also places its focus on identity theft protection. The company guides you when you need additional measures of protection in any case of identity theft. I identity theft is a sensitive issue and can it take a very long to recover it. The company has laid down mechanisms to make sure that you are protected from identity theft and various online threats. They only send you alert on changes on credit report via email. You will have to log in to access you credit report details. The verification process also serves to enhance your security by preventing your credit report details as well as financial information from falling in to the wrong hands.

The company also constantly and continuously updates your credit report and score. The information on your credit report is updated on a monthly basis. Although the company frequently updates your records, you will have to log in every month and pay the monthly subscription fee for you to be able to access an updated credit report.

Customer care

The company has a quite good customer support service. You can reach the customer care desk via a toll free line from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 9PM EST. on Sunday, Saturday and holydays, you can reach customer support via email. You will be able to have a response to your issue within one business day if you contact them via email.


CheckFreeScore offers you with comprehensive credit reporting and monitoring services. The registration process is simple, easy and straightforward. The continuous and constant update of your credit report details and the immediate impact of changes to your credit score is essential for you to keep up with your credit status. If you are looking for secure credit score monitoring, then CheckFreeScore credit monitoring services is the answer.