CreditScoreReportCard Review

CreditScoreReportCard is one of the leading credit report and monitoring service provider based in Valencia, California. It offers its consumers with credit reports, credit scores and protects its customers from identity theft. The company puts it clear through its mission that its objective is to deliver innovative, powerful and easy to use tools that helps you understand, manage and protect your credit and personal information and ultimately achieve your financial goals.

Pricing and registration

The service provides you with a 7 day trial. The company charges a negligible $1 trial fee. The seven day trial entitles you to unlimited access to your credit report information and credit scores. It avails all the three reports from the three credit bureaus giving you comprehensively comparative information. The company provides you with the option of canceling your free trial before it expires if you do not want to continue with the company’s services. Otherwise, you will billed the monthly service fee after the trial.

Upon the completion of the seven day trial, the company auto renews and auto upgrades your membership plan to the standard package. Your account will be billed on a monthly basis. The standard membership plan costs $29.94. Canceling your subscription involves calling the customer support desk any day from 6AM to 6PM.

The registration is simple and straightforward. The website prompts you to key in your details such as names, address, email and username. The website then redirects you to choose a membership plan and input payment details as well as financial details such as social security number and date of birth. After the verifications process, your credit report and credit score is availed to you.

Features and services

CreditScoreReportCard provides you with all the three reports from the three authorized credit agencies. This enables you to comparatively have an accurate picture of where you credit score lies as well as countercheck the information on the credit report.

The company also provides constant credit monitoring service and keeps updating your credit report on a monthly basis. The three credit report services collect information on a daily basis and relay them to the company. However, you have to renew your monthly subscription and log in for you to access updated credit reports and scores.

The company also offers an email alert service of every important change on your credit report. This feature enables you to keep up with the progress of your credit report details as well as be able to detect and prevent fraud and identity theft.

CreditScoreReportCard also guarantees your security and protection. The company has put in place policies that prevent cybercrimes and identity theft. It goes further to provide its customers with $1 million cover in any case of identity theft.

Another important feature that is incorporated in this product is the education center. A quick read-through of the education center points out the mechanism put in place to educate the company’s customers. The section details out the various aspects of credit report and scores. It also goes further to offer its customers advice on how to attain and maintain a high credit score.

Customer support.

The company has a toll free line on their website which you can use to reach them for technical support or inquiries. You can also reach the company via the website on any day and any time.


With its educational center which makes it easy to use the company’s service, comprehensive comparative credit report and the security policies put in place for protection against identity theft, the company offers you what an ultimate credit report and monitoring service should.