FreeScoreConnect Review

FreeScoreConnect is an online company that provides credit reporting and monitoring services. They majorly rely on the credit score information gathered and relayed only by TransUnion credit agency. However, they also have access to Experian and Equifax credit reports.

The website is owned by a California based company. It has a simple user interface and display which makes it easier to use.

Sign up Process and pricing.

The website pricing plan is simple. The company offers its customers with a free seven-day trial. This option allows you to unsubscribe from the service at the end of the 7 day trial if you don’t like their service. The trial provides you with a comprehensive free credit report.

Unsubscribing from the service at the free trial stage involves calling customer support which is easy because the websites provides you a toll free customer support number to call.

At the end of the seven-day free trial, the company provides you with the option of continuing with their service by subscribing. The subscription involves giving out personal and financial details. The details includes, names, address, email address, phone number. This information is keyed in on a form available on the home page of the website.

After keying in your information on the first page, you will be redirected to a new page which will require you to enter further details that includes your social security number and date of birth. You will also be required to input your payment options and details. After submitting the information, you will be billed and your subscription will have begun.

The membership plan costs $29.95 and will be billed every month until you opt to unsubscribe from the service. The subscription is billed automatically after every month. Unsubscribing from the service can be done at any time.

Features and service

Even though your credit score is the first thing you will see after the sign up process, the company places its focus on credit score monitoring. The company updates its records and information on consumers on a monthly basis. However, you must log in after every month to refresh your details to access the updated credit score and report.  Although the subscription renewal is automatic, you must make sure that it is active after every month for you to access your credit report.

The company majorly relies on TransUnion credit bureau for its information on credit report and credit scores. However it also avails and factors in the other two authorized credit bureaus. This gives you a comprehensive and comparative view of your credit report and score.

FreeScoreConnect also ensures your identity is protected and your financial details are secured from fraud and theft. The company has good privacy and security policies in place to safeguard you against such harmful and damaging threats.  It also takes a shorter time for the company’s customer support team to respond and recover your details in case of identity theft or fraud.

The company provides its customers with roadside assistance. This means it provides a step by step guide throughout the registration process to getting your credit report and scores.

Customer support

The company provides constant customer support. FreeScoreConnect provides its customers with a toll free line that is open 24/7 for technical support.

You can also raise an issue with the company through its website.


FreeScoreConnect provides you with features that enable you to access and keep track of your credit report and scores. It also provides you with updated credit report and scores every month. If you are looking for a basic credit reporting service, then FreeScoreConnect is the ideal choice.