MyOnlineCreditScores Review

MyOnlineCreditScores is an online company that provides web based credit reports and monitoring services. It keeps its clients up to date with your credit score and report changes. It provides you with credit reports, credit scores and secures you from identity theft and fraud. The credit monitoring puts its focus on features that helps you understand, manage and protect your credit and personal information and eventually attain your financial objectives.

Sign up process and pricing

Registration process is simple and straightforward with this service. It only prompts you to input personal records like email, address and name. The account is created by name, username and password.

You will then be required to key in your social security number and your date of birth. Once you key in your details, you will be redirected to a payment page that will prompt you to key in your payment platform and options. The company’s security program is highlighted during the registration process.  The authentication procedure consists of a series of questions drawn from the details from your credit report. This questions must be answered correctly for you to access your credit report. This security measure is designed to keep your information from finding its way in to wrong hands.

MyOnlineCreditScores offers a 7-day free trial. The 7 day free trial offers consumers with free access to credit reports from all the three mandated bureaus. Upon completion of the trial, the MyOnlineCreditScores website offers you the liberty to cancel your subscription or continue using their services on a paid subscription plan.  You can continue using MyOnlineCreditScores services at $39.95 billed per month.

Features and performance

The company guarantees your security and ensures that you are protected from fraud and identity theft. They send you alerts about your credit report and scores but you will have to log in to view your report d the company places its focus on credit score monitoring.

The company updates its records and information on clients on a monthly basis. However, you must log in after every month to refresh your details, pay the monthly subscription fee for you to access the updated details. They also have a good customer support team that helps with recovery in case of identity theft.

The company also offers an email alert service of every important changes on your credit report. The email alert feature enables you to keep up with the progress of your credit report details as well as be able to detect and prevent fraud and identity theft. It also enables you to keep track of your credit report and scores as well as the changes that may affect them. The email alert service also gives to detect error or untrue information on your credit report.

Education center is another important feature that is incorporated in this product. A swift read-through of the education center points out the measures put in place to educate the company’s customers. The section details out the various aspects of credit report and scores. It also goes further to provide its clients guidance on how to achieve and preserve a high credit score.

Customer support.

The company has a good customer care support framework in place. They have various channels through which you can reach them for technical or membership issues.

The company has a toll free line on which you can reach them for technical. It also provide online technical support via the live chats on the website. You can also reach the company via email.


MyOnlineCreditScores provides with insightful information about your credit scores and credit report in general. It provides constant and continuous update of your credit details and status on a monthly basis. The company also has an email alert service that notifies you in case of any important change on your credit records and calculates the impact the change has on your credit score. Most importantly, the company have measures and mechanisms in place to protect you against fraud and identity theft. They also have an excellent support service that works swiftly to recover your credit and financial details in any case of identity theft or fraud. In summary, MyOnlineCreditScores Company has everything you could ever ask for from a credit monitoring service.