FreeScore360 Credit Report Review

FreeScore360 credit report services are provided by a Dallas based company called One Technologies. Freescore360 provides conclusive credit monitoring services. Since its inception, the company has provided credit monitoring services over 1 million consumers. The website is powered by ScoreSense which is very reputable provider in the industry. They have exceptional privacy and security policies that protect client’s.

FreeScore360 offers you insightful details on your credit outline while providing measures that guarantee your identity or credit card information is secure.

Pricing and registration

The sign up process is simple and straightforward. It only requires entry of personal information like email, address and name. The account is created by name, username and password. The username should match your email. The next information required is a social security number and your date of birth. Once you key in your details, you will be redirected to a payment web page where you will be required to input your payment information. The company’s security policy is underscored on the registration page.  The verification procedure consists of a sequence of questions drawn from the details from your credit report. This questions must be answered accurately for you to access your credit report. This security measure is designed to keep your information from finding its way in to wrong hands. After the authentication process, you will be required to input your credit card details from which you will instantly be billed $1 sign-up fee.

Freescore360 offers a 14-day free trial. The 14-day free trial only requires you to pay $1 which is refundable at any time. The 14 day offers consumers with free access to credit reports from all the three mandated bureaus. Upon completion of the trial, FreeScore360 offers you the liberty to cancel your subscription or continue using their services on a paid subscription plan.  You can continue using FreeScore360 services at $39.95 billed every month.

Credit report and credit score

Upon completion of the sign up and verification process, you are presented with your credit report and scores from each of the three authorized bureaus. The credit scores from the three bureaus are placed on a scale of 350 to 850. Your credit scores are presented on a bar graph detailing your position on each scale. Your general credit risk is indicated in a summary form pointing out your likelihood to qualify for a loan and the interest it will attract.

Apart from the detailed FreeScore360 credit report, the company also avails credit reports from the three bureaus. This allows you to make comparisons as well as counter check the information provided. The reports are only available for one month until you renew your subscription.

Features and service

Although your credit score is the first thing you will encounter after registration, the company places its focus on credit score monitoring. The company updates its records and information on consumers on a monthly basis. However, you must log in after every month to refresh your details to access the updated credit score and report. You must also renew you monthly membership renewal to be able to see how your credit score has been doing.

One of the most important feature on FreeScore360 is its ability to allow its customers to see how hypothetical situations can impact on their credit scores. You can input any optimistic or pessimistic hypothetical condition like settling a debt or settling a date late, and see a virtual hypothetical score.

Another crucial feature from FreeScore360 is that it alerts you of any changes on your credit report and profile like new accounts and late payments. This feature enables you detect and avoid mistakes and scams as well maintain your credit score.

The company also places its focus on identity theft protection. The company guides you when you need additional measures of protection in any case of identity theft. You are also eligible for the $1 million identity theft coverage plan.

Customer support

The company has an effective customer support. A toll free customer support line is available on any working day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The line is open on Saturday from 12 p.m. and closed on Sunday.


FreeScore360 provides you with comprehensive and comparative credit scores from the three credit agencies. The security and privacy policy is also the reason to give it a shot.